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Story of: Quick Travel】Gods spend time with me

[Double male protagonist + master and slave + 1v1 + double clean + Tiantiantian] The plane world continues to collapse, attracting the attention of the gods. For this reason, the gods used their divine power to create spiritual objects or systems that could travel through the plane world to prevent the demise of the plane world. Su Youzhao witnessed the demise of those plane worlds with his own eyes. He was found by a system calling itself 003 and entered the plane world to complete the mission. “What is the mission? ” [Get close to the son of the plane and prevent the death of the son of the plane] He is indifferent by nature, and nothing has ever caught his eye. But that man took away all his heart with his passionate love. *World 1: The Immortal Lord raises a cub online World 2: The president regrets after the marriage agreement World 3: The evil god bowed down for him World 4: The commander raises the flag again World 5: My wife and I have become rivals, so stay tuned for more worlds… PS: The beginning of each plane is a bit colder, there won’t be any plot where the world falls apart and you fall in love with each other at first sight, but there is love at first sight, but it’s just not obvious, the kind of love that falls in love when you see each other on the first day. There will be no plot of getting married in person (unless there is an agreement to get married) , so don’t enter if you don’t like it! Also, don’t say whether you like it or not. There is a possibility that you just didn’t see it, so please read the article patiently. Finally, there may be Zazai in some planes, so don’t enter if you don’t like them!

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