Quick Transmigration: The Second Female Lead is Poisonous


Xia Fengguang was forced to transmigrate into several novels. In the CEO novel, the female lead was a young, ordinary university student while the male lead was the devilish king of business. In the Jianghu novel, the female lead was the energetic and adorable medical genius specializing in poison while the male lead was the vicious demonic sect leader. In the fantasy novel, the female lead went from being a useless daughter of a second wife to a cultivating genius that is only seen once every thousand years while the male lead was the demon king who is cold to everyone but warm to only one person… As for her, she is the male lead’s fiancee who is a great beauty and has a great family background, but no matter which world she is in, she will never receive the male lead’s affection. Xia Fengguang finds this laughable. A genius who doesn’t get along with society, the enemy country’s emperor who has a poisonous tongue, a playboy crown prince, a medical sage who appears serious on the outside but is frivolous inside… Aren’t all these men already more interesting than the male lead? (The male lead’s moral values are not normal, please read with caution.)

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