Purple-robed Heavenly Master? The start was stalemate and someone dug him out

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Zhang Yi, who had just traveled through time, found that he had become a zombie through time travel, and was still a Celestial Master of Longhu Mountain during his lifetime.

At the beginning of the game, the tomb of the Heavenly Master in Longhu Mountain was stolen and dug up alive.

[Sign in Longhushan Cemetery and receive a reward of a hundred years of cultivation]

[Sign in to Longhu Mountain Demon Town Tower and obtain the skills, Five Thunder Zhengfa * Yin Five Thunder]

[Sign in to the land of bones and corpses and obtain the physique: Thousand Thunder Blood Zombies]

Thousands of Taoist priests from Longhu Mountain went down to search, but Zhang Yi had woken up, shocking everyone.

Dragon and Tiger Celestial Master’s Mansion, purple-robed and black zombies?

The purple-robed Taoist priest knelt down directly towards the purple-robed zombie!

I will kill those whom Taoist priests dare not kill! I will take care of things that are not easy for Taoist priests to take care of! I am wearing a purple robe but I am not a Taoist priest but a zombie!

On the day Longhu Mountain was destroyed, a purple-robed zombie returned from the sky and determined the world with its corpse power!

… … .

Ever since, there was a zombie in the world wearing a purple Taoist robe, with Taoist magic in his left hand and thunder magic in his right hand.

Everyone: Damn it, this zombie can’t even fight even though he knows how to teach magic.

Longhushan: Why does my ancestor just suck a little blood? What’s wrong!

I reported it, and Longhushan helped the zombies beat me. It was simply lawless!

This zombie cheats. Not only is he not afraid of Taoism, but he also knows Taoism!

This book is also called [Dragon and Tiger Celestial Master’s Mansion, Purple Robe and Black Zombie] [Celestial Master Patriarch, why did you become a zombie! 】

[It turns out that heavenly masters can also become zombies]

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