Pride and Sanctimony


“Arrogant Prince. You’re not the only one who can toy with others.”

Valentia Syner, the greatest mind in all of the Imperial Academy’s history.

Her fellows at the academy called her “The Iron Maiden”. Some did it out of jealousy. Others, out of contempt. But no one ever approached Valentia. Even her own family avoided her.

The first person to ever reach out to Valentia was the playboy of the Imperial family—the Prince, Lexus.

“Who dares to slap the Imperial Prince?”

Their first meeting went terribly. They exchanged awful words and there was even a slap involved. But over time, the two of them became very close.

However, Valentia discovered a terrible truth just before she was about to confess something to Lexus—she was pregnant with his child.

Valentia had to run away to protect herself.

And then a few years passed.

“Did he just say you were his mom?”

That awful man, Lexus appeared once more before Valentia, who was living a quiet life with her lovely son, Elijah.

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