Prehistoric: His understanding is incredible, and he wipes out the Styx at the beginning

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Liu Ye traveled through the prehistoric times and was reborn as the Twelfth Grade Fire Red Lotus. He swallowed the River of the Underworld, controlled the Sea of ​​Blood, awakened his supreme talent, gained heaven-defying enlightenment, and embarked on the supreme path.

[You who didn’t dare to give birth to spiritual wisdom aroused Dao Dao’s curiosity, causing Dao Dao to glance at you. This glance was a great blessing. You received Dao Dao’s favor and were promoted from the best innate spiritual treasure to a half-step chaotic spirit. Bao, your understanding has been greatly improved, to the heaven-defying level. 】

… …

[Because you broke free from the shackles of your original destiny, Dao Dao once again cast a look of approval. You obtained the creature mark of the Styx and became the actual controller of the Blood Sea. 】

… …

[You entered the Daluo Golden Immortal Realm, successfully transformed into shape, and bloomed the top three flowers of the twelfth grade, which aroused the admiration of Dao Dao and obtained the “Art of Returning to Origin”. 】


As Liu Ye broke the shackles of fate again and again, swallowed the lotus platform, killed gods and demons, suppressed all saints, returned to his origins and achieved the body of the 36th grade green lotus, he sat high in the clouds and looked down on all living beings!

To discover that he has long been invincible between heaven and earth, above all saints, gods and demons, and has become the only eternal immortal in the world!

Keywords of the novel: Prehistoric: The understanding is against the heavens, and the beginning of the game is to wipe out the River Styx without a pop-up window. The whole world: The understanding is contrary to the heavens, and the beginning is to wipe out the River Styx. Txt full set download, The Ancient Times: The understanding is contrary to the heavens, and the beginning is to wipe out the River Styx. Read the latest chapter.

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