Please Lock Me In, Male Lead


Jayna wants nothing more than to live a lackadaisical life lying in bed all day. She dreams of relaxing a the comfort of her home for the rest of her life. This was her goal, the ending she deserved. She didn’t need power nor world peace. None of that mattered. The world can burn so long as she lived in comfort.

To get the life she wants, she’ll need to raise the male lead’s favorability just a bit. But it seems like her decisions backfired and is spiraling out of the control. The male lead has fallen madly in love, and all he wants to do is shower her with love and experience all the world has to offer with her by his side, going against Jayna’s very desire.

Can Jayna accomplish her goal?

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Dec 17, 2022wordexcerpt
Dec 17, 2022wordexcerpt
Dec 17, 2022wordexcerpt
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