Please bring your best friends to practice immortality

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After many years of cultivating immortality, one day someone suddenly asked the Demon Queen,

“I heard that the first lady of the demon world is your good sister? ”

When the Demon Queen heard this, her eyebrows stood upright and her almond-shaped eyes widened.

“Damn my dear sister, she stole my man! ”

As soon as these words came out, the handsome man beside him slowly moved his eyes away from the book in his hand and glanced at her lightly. The person who asked the question felt that the hall suddenly became cold, and his body felt like falling into an ice cave…

The Demon Queen glared at the man nonchalantly,

“Am I wrong? ”

Later, the Demon King’s wife and the Demon Queen were best friends for many years, because the secret of the man’s antagonism spread throughout all walks of life. Then someone from the Demon Realm got mad and came to ask the gentle and kind-faced First Lady of the Demon Realm,

“Madam, I heard that you were brought to this world by the Demon Queen of the Wolf Clan. After that, the two of you traveled through all walks of life together and experienced life and death together. You were once the Jinlan sisters. Later… I heard that you were similar to that… Is it because the man has a rift? ”

Mrs. Demon King smiled slightly, picked up the white porcelain tea cup, took a sip and said,

“Did she say I stole her man? ”

After saying that, he nodded,

“That’s true! ”

The people who heard this were stunned and exclaimed in their hearts,

“This is true. Did our king actually have an affair with the Demon Queen back then? ”

While I was thinking wildly, the person who heard the genuine tea added another sentence,

“But… she also stole my man! ”

The person who asked the question widened his eyes and opened his mouth. A breath of cold air had not yet been sucked into his mouth.

So you two are swapping things?

At this time, there was a loud noise outside, and someone shouted like a bell,


“You said… who is your man! ”

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