Playing an AV Role-Playing Game with Rival

Playing an AV Role-Playing Game with Rival
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When Xuan Yun opened her eyes, she found that she was lying naked with her enemy. She thought it was all a joke, but when she heard the screams coming from the next room, she knew it was all true. She really need to perform AV with her arch-enemy. The first world: Zhuma loves the shy little Qingmei. “Xuan Yun, come up and answer this question.” The math teacher looked sternly at Xuan Yun in the corner. Xuan Yun’s body tightened in an instant, clamping the foreign object that did not belong to her tightly, and her brain went crazy.

Luo Feixing slowly inserted his fingers into her tight and tender p**sy. He looked up at the blackboard and explained to the angry teacher: “I’m sorry, teacher, Xuan Yun has caught a cold these past two days. I will take her to see a doctor in the evening, and I will also make up for her missed lessons today. Choose ‘D’ for this question because…” The man’s voice was still very green, but it was also nice and elegant. However, despite being so polite and courteous on the surface, his hand reached under the skirt of his deskmate, and his joints were clearly defined. Fingers stuck in tight p**sy. Xuan Yun was almost tortured by Luo Feixing, but under the sharp eyes of the math teacher, she still suppressed her moans and nodded in agreement with him.

The second world: The big bad wolf’s soft little white rabbit.

In fairy tales, the greedy big bad wolf always cannot get the little white rabbit, but Luo Feixing is different. He stripped the little white rabbit naked and ate it all, and also wanted the little white rabbit to be pregnant with his child.

Xuan Yun: “We have reproductive isolation, bastard! Don’t shoot your s**en all over my uterus! I can’t give birth to your child!”

The third world: The cold scholar who cannot resist the temptation of the vixen.

The scholar at the beginning: “Girl please Respect yourself.”

The scholar later on: “Little sl*t, do it again.”

Xuan Yun: “Who is the vixen who can drain people dry?”

The fourth world: The rich woman who supports the male college student

Xuan Yun: Although the male college student is Okay, it just takes too long. I am tired from being f*cked every day. Who will help me share the burden?

Luo Feixing: Want to give me to someone else? It seems that I haven’t worked hard enough (pull back the legs of the heroine who is trying to escape)

The fifth world: Travel back to the original world and become the estrus object of the giant python. At the beginning, Xuan Yun: Please don’t eat me. Later, Xuan Yun: Please Please stop f*cking, it’s really going to break

The Sixth World: Demonic Cultivator’s Little Dragon

Xuanyun at the beginning: What kind of snake is this? so small?

Later Xuanyun: No, no, no, no two, it’s too big, I can’t stand it!

The Seventh World: Ancient Mermaids in the Apocalypse

Luo Feixing at the beginning: This is similar to your bellyband, just fasten the buttons at the back.

Luo Feixing later: Be good, I will make you feel good. Can you do it again?

The Eighth World: The octopus toy I bought for my omega fiancée turned me green.

Xuan Yun at the beginning: ahhhh, his tent**les are so cute, I miss you.

Xuan Yun later: bastard! It can’t be stuffed in! Take out your tent**les quickly!

The Ninth World: A wife who wanted to find a man with a small pen*s ended up being f*cked hard by two hunks.

Luo Feixing: Although he also felt the feelings of the clone, he still felt that he was being cheated by his wife.

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