Picking up cubs and cultivating immortality: Sect disciples can all read minds

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Jing Xi was reborn, until the day he was expelled from the sect.

On the wedding night of his previous life, Jing Xi was framed and became the murderer who assassinated the sect leader and poisoned his fellow sect members. Even if he abandoned his cultivation, he was still expelled from the sect. After his rebirth, Jing Xi turned the blame on him and left as soon as he said so. Got on board with the three little apprentices he picked up.

But the apprentices are all villains, and they all fall in love with Luck’s children involuntarily, becoming stepping stones on the road of love for Luck’s children. Jing Xi can only watch his disciples die.

After his rebirth, Jing Xi decisively led his disciples to stay away from their children of good luck. On the way, he was bound to the “Do a Good Deed a Day” system, doing good deeds, building a sect, doing a good deed a day, and cultivating cubs to become immortals!

After picking it up, Jing Xi discovered why the entire sect could hear her voice.

The eldest apprentice is the real young master among the real and fake young masters. His relative, the civet cat, was exchanged for the prince, and he was thrown to the Northern Territory to fend for himself.

Jingxi: Are you drifting away, or am I, Jingxi, unable to hold the knife? The weather is getting colder, and the Chong family should go bankrupt.

The second apprentice is a hybrid of human and demon, and is jointly suppressed by the famous righteous family and the royal family of the demon world.

Jing Xi: My good disciple, the old man Ji who is guarding the gate is the former Demon Lord. Hurry up and recognize him as your godfather, and then fight for the supreme position in the Demon World!

The third disciple had no spiritual roots in his previous life, so he could only practice the art of charm and became a witch that everyone in the right way would beat up.

Jing Xi: Come on, come on, it’s not scary to have no spiritual roots. Master will teach you how to exercise your body. With one strength, you can break the teeth of Zhengdao with one punch!

The disciples of the sect were even having a meeting… ah no, it was a gathering of heroes. As the patriarch of the sect, Jing Xi led the entire sect to a collective ascension!

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