Picked Up A Small Cannon Fodder


Li Ji Yue transmigrated in a book and became a three-year-old little cannon fodder.

The other cannon fodders are messing up while the little cannon fodder is just eating, drinking and sleeping all day. His legs crossed waiting for tomorrow’s little milk.

Later, the little cannon fodder and the supporting character met.

Jiang Fang looked at the little one who suddenly ran out and bumped into him.

This little one shamelessly filed a complaint first, “You knocked this baby down, you need to give two pieces of cake to make him stand up.”

The three-year-old baby in the small theater continues to believe that his IQ is no different from his brother in junior high school and in order to prove this, Li Jiyue secretly followed after his brother while he was going to school, planning to pass the entrance exam.

The on-duty student with the red armband on his shoulder grabbed him and sent him to the baby nursery school next door.

Li Jiyue, who was forcibly sent to the kindergarten, thumped his helpless little short legs, “Let this baby go! You… caught the wrong person.”

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