Pheromone Recognition Disorder


In the dark and filthy underground city, Huo Xianfeng discovered a special omega.

He is gorgeous, cold, and sharp, like a rose emerging from thorns.

There were more than a dozen wailing alphas lying on the ground, and the beautiful omega was blushing from his turbulent estrus, panting hoarsely.

His silver hair was stained with blood. Disgust and mu*derous intent surged in his beautiful crimson pupils.

“Do you also want to… mark me?”

Huo Xianfeng, who suffered from Pheromone Recognition Disorder, was surprised——

“Why would you think so? I’m just passing by.”


The beautiful omega was shocked for a moment.

Later, Huo Xianfeng still failed to pass by safely. He was brutally pinned against the wall by the beautiful omega and was forced by the other to mark him.

Huo Xianfeng: “…???”

I’ve never seen such a brazen omega!

Jiang Ci’s dream is to become the most powerful omega in the world, and trample all the alphas who looked down on him and coveted him.

Later, this dream was shattered.

“Why can’t you kiss me and coax me?!”

The beautiful omega got into Huo Xianfeng’s arms, angrily biting his Adam’s apple, sobbing and crying non-stop,

“Damn Huo Xianfeng, are you incapable?!”

The handsome alpha sighed deeply and stretched out his hand to hold the coquettish wife in his arms,

“Hush, the doctor said you should exercise restraint during pregnancy.”


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