Perfect: Pretending to be the young Emperor Huangtian, deceiving the heavens

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Shi Hao had just traveled through the perfect world and entered the path of spiritual practice through the deception system, when he was invited to join a chat group that communicated with all the worlds.

And get the permission to modify your own group nickname.

“Ding! Huang·favorites to drink animal milk·arbitrary for eternity·The Emperor of Heaven joins the chat group. ”


Group leader Bai Ting: “What the fuck, Emperor Huangtian? Boss, please hug me! ”

System: [Deceive the group leader Bai Ting and get the reward Supreme Bone! 】

Under Bai Ting’s deception, other group members also believed Shi Hao’s identity and invested (and were deceived) one after another.

Fahai: “Amitabha, little benefactor, I have a magical power called the Mighty Heavenly Dragon. I hope the benefactor will accept it. ”

System: [Defrauded group friend Fahai and received the reward of the Ten Ominous Treasures – True Dragon Treasures! 】

Yang Jian: “My little friend, I have a rare treasure called the Sky Eye. It can identify evil spirits and has extraordinary power. I can give it to you. ”

System: [Defrauded group friend Yang Jian and received the most respectable reward! 】

Queen Medusa: “Little one, I have a rare treasure here, called Qinglian Earth Heart Fire. I give it to you today, and I myself… ”

System: [Defraud the group friend Queen Medusa and obtain the reward Phoenix Magic]

Pope Bibi Dong: “Concubine is also acceptable… ”


As Shi Hao deceived the heavens in the chat group, his strength became stronger and stronger.

One day.

In the boundary sea, Shi Hao held the corpse immortal emperor’s neck with one hand, and the golden dragon tattoo on his body flashed.

“You’re the only one who calls me the Skeleton Emperor, right? ”

Immortal Emperor Corpse: “Brother, my name is Corpse… No, no, no, I can call you whatever you want. ”


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