People Are Intercepting Religion, God Of Wealth Zhao Gongming, The World Is Awake

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The cornucopia rises and is covered with blessings, and the jade comes and falls all over the body as desired. It is said that it is an immortal five-power immortal, and it is a great destiny to end lifelessness.

Lin Fan transmigrated to the prehistoric world and became Zhao Gongming, the top disciple of Jie Jiao’s outer sect.

Facing the imminent catastrophe of becoming a god, Lin Fan wakes up in the world. As a disciple of the outer sect of Jiejiao, he knows that he cannot avoid this catastrophe.

In order to be invincible in this catastrophe, Lin turned himself into the God of Wealth, so he passed on to the Great Dao, the God of Wealth, and became the God of Wealth in Heaven and Earth, thus avoiding the tragedy of becoming a god in his physical body.

After becoming the God of Wealth, he started planning step by step. Establish the Temple of Wealth, make friends with immortals from all over the world, recruit wise guests from all over the world, and use the financial resources of all living beings to plan the luck and layout of the world.

We must be decisive in killing those disciples who have poor moral conduct and bad temperament.

Externally, we accept the cause and effect of heaven and earth, and give the kindness of heaven and earth.

Although his cultivation is not as good as Saint’s, he is so frightened by his fortune that even Saint dare not touch him easily.

The Conferred God Tribulation has begun, his merits are spread all over the world, and he is already the first in the three realms in terms of financial resources.

“This Zhao Gongming has endless energy. He should not be the God of Wealth, but the Saint of Wealth.

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