People Are In The World Of Cultivating Immortals, And Their Apprentices Are Cute

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[No system + pure sweet text + master and rebel + multiple female protagonists + cheerful and funny]

As modern people travel through the world of immortality, Bai Muchun expressed that he was very tired.

There is no way to change reality, so let’s make peace with it as it comes.

The longer I live in the world of immortality, the more bored I become and I don’t know what to do. He was already the Supreme Master, but one day he was tricked by his own senior brother and he accepted a disciple inexplicably.

At this point, Qingyuan Peak has gained more vitality and is no longer an isolated peak filled with Taoism.

Bai Muchun: “The spring breeze blows away the fragrance of flowers, and listens to the sound and chases butterflies ten miles away. ”

The eldest apprentice: “Master, what’s the use of reciting poetry? It’s better to practice swordsmanship! Don’t dare to fight back if you can hit him! ”

Bai Muchun: “A gentleman talks but never uses his hands! ”

Second Disciple: “Master, didn’t you say that an incompetent person is weak only if he speaks? ”

Bai Muchun silently played his regretful move.

Third Disciple: “Since the master is the master, what he said must make sense! So I stand by the master’s side unconditionally! ”

Bai Muchun wanted to cry but had no tears, thinking that his little apprentice is still sensible!

Many years later, things have changed in the world of immortality.

Bai Muchunsheng looked at the two peerless fairies helplessly, silently regretting the move in his heart.

“If I could do it all over again, ah~ I would… ”

First apprentice: “Master, actually I said one less thing, you can deceive the master by practicing swordsmanship… ”

Second Disciple: “Master, a gentleman talks but doesn’t use his hands… Hum, I won’t use my hands! I use my mouth! ”

Bai Muchun huddled in the corner, drawing circles with branches, wondering when his sensible and well-behaved little apprentice would save him…

[Now that you’ve seen this, let’s add a bookshelf! Believe in the young author, this book will never disappoint your expectations! The sweetness is off the charts!

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