People Are In Jiejiao, The God Of Fire Luo Xuan, His Understanding Is Against The Heavens

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Luo Xuan accidentally killed a time traveler, gained the memory and incredible understanding of the time traveler, and learned about the future life and the horror of interception. Luo Xuan decided to no longer be stable.

The road of spiritual practice is difficult and the path of merit is difficult to prove. Luo Xuan went against the path and became the star of murder. He understood the karma of heaven and earth and planned the merits of heaven.

Luo Xuan took advantage of the opportunity of Human Emperor Xuanyuan’s birth to enter the world, and accepted Xuanyuan as his disciple, passing on the fire of human beings, and at the same time refining the karma of heaven and earth, and gaining immeasurable heavenly merit.

Sacrificing merits to Heaven allows Heaven to recognize one’s own path, thereby gaining Heaven’s approval, directly bypassing Heaven’s canonization, and attaining the holy status of Heaven and Earth.

Then it is logical to take charge of the fate of humanity, mediate the destiny, and work step by step to occupy the orthodoxy of humanity.

With the holy throne of heaven and earth incarnate, Luo Xuan used the fire of karma as the avenue, obtained the treasure of the God-killing Spear, turned into the demon god of heaven and earth, and established his killing path.

Facing the future calamity of becoming a god, spread the news that the battle for destiny in the future will be in heaven, so that Yuxu and Renjiao can recruit more disciples to fill the number on the list of gods.

During the period of Conferring Gods and Measuring Tribulation, Luo Xuan understood the Four Swords of Zhu Xian, killed the Mahayana, and intercepted the slim chance of life of heaven and earth…

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