Pampered Wife In The 80s

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Waking up one morning, Xiao Wange found herself in a different time and place, she unexpectedly crossed over! Transported to the backward 1980s, she became a malnourished, emaciated village girl!

What’s terrifying is that this village girl was sold by her parents as if she were an object. She was sold to an elderly man who had lost his wife to be his bride. Even more frightening, this elderly man had a 3-year-old son, and she was supposed to be his stepmother!

Xiao Wange: “…”

Others who have crossed over usually become princesses or noble ladies, enjoying luxurious lives. Why did she, upon crossing over, end up becoming a bride to an old man? And she has to be a stepmother too? It must be because her posture when crossing-over was wrong!

But later…

When that tall, handsome “old man” stood before her, her eyes brightened, and she immediately rushed over to hug his arm: “Husband~”

Hearing her sweet call of “husband,” the “elderly man” couldn’t help but be speechless: “…”


Zhan Zeyan received an urgent call from his neighbor Bai Caixuan, saying that his new wife was abusing his child at home, making the child so ill he needed to come back immediately.

He asked for leave from the army and hurried home.

But as soon as he entered the house, his new bride was frying eggs for his son, who was happily calling her “sister.”

Zhan Zeyan: “…” What about mistreating his son?

And what’s with the “sister” title? Shouldn’t she be called “Mom”?

Later, Zhan Zeyan watched as his little bride became increasingly beautiful. His expression darkened as he pulled his son over and said, “Call her ‘Mom’ and no more calling her ‘sister’ from now on!”

Son: “…Oh.” Turning around, “Sister~”

Zhan Zeyan: “…” He felt like having a heart attack.

Later on, Zhan Zeyan discovered his wife’s little secret.

It turns out that his wife is not human, she is actually…

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