Out of the Way, I’m About to Speak


Chen Shijin was known to everyone as a mute. He hadn’t uttered a word since he was three years old. As a result, countless people wildly bullied and mocked him throughout his life. Yet, he remained unmoved, his eyes filled with pity.

Until that day, when the skies poured red rain, and the gate of fate opened. Under the torrential rain, Chen Shijin, looking at his fiancé and cousin who were involved in an affair and cursing him, uttered his first words in 23 years.

“Tr*sh. Promiscuous jerks.”

Fiancé/Cousin: How dare you speak like that?! No, wait, how can you speak at all?!

Before they could react, they both fell into the land of exile. And then, monsters roamed, in a world where the strong prey on the weak. The fiancé and cousin’s private parts indeed rotted away.

While everyone feared this bizarre and dark world of death, Chen Shijin smiled joyously at the demons, devils, ghosts, and monsters.

Foolish beings! I could speak at eight months! I greeted my ancestors at a year and a half!

At two, I turned in a wanted criminal on TV with a single word.

At three, my words predicted the eruption of Mount Little Sun!

And that golden mountain decoration in my home that’s yet to be carved? Created by my very words!

I remained silent for the sake of world peace!

But now, in the land of exile.

After holding back for 23 years!! Finally! I can openly challenge these demons and monsters!


Demons and monsters: ???

Terrifying world: Shut up! Don’t come over here, aaaah!

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