Original Spirit: Transformed Into A White Body, Mistakenly Mistaken For Chung Ly’s Daughter

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Story of: Original Spirit: Transformed Into A White Body, Mistakenly Mistaken For Chung Ly’s Daughter

【The usual black cut powder】

Passed through the Primordial Spirit and transformed into Honkai Starrail, a thousand-year dragon and white road.

Also locked in the fierce evil dragon system, do you want to train her to be the fiercest little Demon God of the new era?

Inviting the fairy dien to Nghi Thuong, he was immediately misled by heaven and earth to become the daughter of the Rock King Emperor.

So, a black-cut chalk, the art of drinking tea, Tieu Hac, evil-mouthed, pot-swinging, feverish, ugly-bellied Tieu Long Nu was born.

Do all kinds of bad things.

Maybe the past story develops, it seems like there is something strange.

Ngung Quang: “Bach Lo only told me to drink a lot of hot water, so she clearly cares a little more than me, how could she harm me! ”

Good rain: “Last night the Emperor entrusted, for the sake of the Emperor’s rock king, I will accept this stepmother. ”

Chung Ly: “Once you faked your death, how could you blame it? Also, what’s going on with this big pile of papers? ”

Little auspicious Thao King: “There is no one more suitable to be a grass god than Bach Lo. She…

knows it too well. ”

Warm enemy: “Not bad, those bad things were also done on my own initiative.

Bach Lo did not force me, and you are not allowed to say that she is a machine dragon. ”

Raiden Ei: “The road is eternal.

Because of her, how can we compete with the world?

Phu Thi Na: “Whoa whoa, Bach Lo is famous for her pure and kind heart, how can I bear to judge her!

What? I was not bullied by her! ”

Bach Lo was stunned.

“Ah? I admit that all the bad things were done by me, so why don’t you trust me?

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