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[Regular virtual online games + super god-level talents + decisive killing + plot flow + technical flow]

After being reborn and returning to the time before the Ragnarok server was launched, there is still a chance to start over again, and all the regrets in the past will be made up for.

The talent that had not been awakened for ten years in the previous life, now relies on the memory of the previous life to obtain the god-level talent awakening stone and unlock the super-god-level talent!

Each basic attack permanently increases your health by one point!

Basic attacks cause real damage equal to 1% of one’s maximum health!

With this talent, who can stop him!

While ordinary players are still thinking about how to quickly reach level 10, Lin Tianhao has already begun to prepare to destroy the novice village.

While ordinary players are still kneeling down to the tutor in the main city and want to learn one more skill, Lin Tianhao has already brought the ancient Eastern country back to life!

Super god-level talents, super-god-level hidden professions, blessings from the gods…

God-level Assassin: Oh my god, I knocked out 1% of Snow Emperor’s health with one combo, and he killed me instantly with one arrow.

God-level shield battle: I have 100, 000 armor and 5 million health points. I can push forward in all directions, no one can stop me… Wait, why did the Snow Emperor clear my health bar with one arrow?

When an archer’s health bar is a hundred million points thick and his true damage is a hundred million points high, this game becomes a bit plain and simple.

Lin Tianhao: I am invincible, you can do whatever you want!

[The legend was born, the gods trembled, the ancient Eastern country was born to kill gods, here, there is a different passionate feeling!

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