On the day they broke off the engagement, the parents of the Wushen clan came looking for them.

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? 【Invincible Cool Article】Ye Lingkong traveled through the fantasy world, suffered betrayal, was expelled from the Xian Sheng Cave by his useless cultivation, and became a useless person, which caused the family to fall into crisis.

Just when he was desperate, the system that was 16 years late was suddenly activated, and he obtained the “arbitrary and invincible punch-in system. ”

Moreover, on the day Miss Murong broke off her engagement, the parents from the Wushen Clan came looking for their son and revealed the mystery of his life experience.

[Successfully check in at the Immortal Palace and receive a reward: the Immortal Weapon “Immortal Killing Flying Knife”! 】

[Successfully check in in the ancient secret realm and receive a reward: the innate spiritual root “Peach Tree”! 】

[Successfully checked in at the Saint’s Boudoir of Taicang Shrine and received the reward: the Emperor’s Sutra “Taiyin Sutra”! 】

With the support of the system and an invincible background, Ye Linkong embarked on the path of being invincible in the heavens and arbitrarily determined for eternity.

What kind of son of God and saintess, the supreme genius, the son of fate, suppressed with one hand!

Countless years later, Ye Lingkong has become a supreme monument on the path of cultivation for all people in the world, and they worship him.

At the same time, it is also a supreme taboo existence that countless powerful beings are unwilling to mention.

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