No volume!When a celebrity is black on the internet, how can there be any fragrance in farming?

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Gu Xi was struck to death by lightning and returned to the modern world, she chose to retreat back to her hometown to farm!

She wants to farm, raise chickens, ducks and geese, plant fruit forests, open up fish ponds, raise cattle…

Just started the live broadcast of farming, no one watched, and it ended dismal.

When the live broadcast started again, all kinds of bulls and horses were sneering and sarcastic.

When selling vegetables, 30 yuan a catty? Robbery?

Being scolded as a black-hearted businessman!

Netizens with the mentality of trying to buy said that this dish is really delicious!

This dish is good for your health! Eat health, eat beauty, eat swelling and acne!

They all stepped forward and begged for food!

Afterwards, Gu Xi sold sleeping incense, mosquito repellent spray, and foot bath kits… sold out in a second!

All of them are begged by netizens to do more!

Everyone lamented that Gu Xi was only one step away from being a hacker on the Internet to becoming a celebrity on the Internet!

[There are cp + farming + slightly fantasy + warm and leisurely]

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Key words of the novel: Don’t roll anymore! When a star is black in the whole network, how can there be no pop-up window for Tian Tianxiang, so I won’t roll! When a star is black on the whole network, there is no way to download the complete txt works of Tian Tianxiang, no volume! When a star is black in the whole network, how can there be Tian Tianxiang latest chapters to read?

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