National Treasure Map, Only I Can See The Hints

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(First release on the whole network + Not the Holy Mother + Cool article + Decisive killing + Killing indiscriminately)

“Shocked! Shocked! The whole world is shocked! Dad Ma spent one billion to buy ten Transcendent Level treasure maps, and finally dug out the Nine-level Gold Core, and now he has become an immortal! ! ”

“Good news, good news, a senior high school student used a treasure map to dig out an ancient Gold Core. From now on, my fate is determined! ”

“It is rumored that netizen Ye used the Transcendent Level treasure map at the foot of Mount Tai and dug up a Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz is suspected to be the car of a big shot. Dao Rhyme is extraordinary… ”

“Congratulations to the human race! Congratulations to Daxia! After using a high-level treasure map, citizen Yang dug out “Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant”… ”

“Congratulations to the human race! Congratulations to Daxia! After using a high-level treasure map, a citizen named Duan dug out half a volume of the “Tao Jing”… ”

Three years ago, the treasure map came to the world. Everyone can get the treasure map. Through the treasure map, you can dig out treasures. Of course, you may also dig up hundreds of thousands of zombies and hundreds of millions of poisonous insects.

Su Yu came by transmigrate, and when he was hesitating whether to dig up the treasure map, he found that he could actually see the prompts.

“Sealed here is the Great Saint Sun Wukong of Qitian. He will repay his kindness and will teach you the seventy-two transformations and give you a high imitation version of the Ruyi Golden Cudgel! ”

“There is a world sealed here. Open it and you will become the master of the world! ”

“There are one hundred thousand Godzillas sealed here. If you can beat them to surrender, they will conquer all realms for you! ”

Su Yu: I can see the prompt. If I am not strong, who is? What? Not strong enough? Wait a minute, I’ll dig up another hundred thousand treasure maps!

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