National Blind Box Treasure Hunt, Starting At Sss Level

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[Myriad Worlds Blind Box] The game comes to the city. The game APP is automatically installed on everyone’s mobile phone. Blind boxes appear randomly. Everyone can open unlimited blind boxes every day!

[You have opened the first blind box and are deemed to have joined the game and agreed to all the rules of the game! ]

[game rules:

1. Players who join the game must open at least 1 blind box every day, otherwise they will be wiped out!

2. Players can open unlimited blind boxes every day, as long as you have enough blind boxes and have enough courage to open the blind boxes!

3. There are items from the Myriad Worlds in the blind box, such as daily necessities, cash, precious metals, gems, sports cars, villas, weapons, skills, magic, spells, attribute points and other beneficial items, as well as diseases, curses, garbage, Disasters, zombies, beasts, evil spirits, monsters, strange and other harmful items, everything depends on luck!

4. Blind boxes are divided into ordinary blind boxes, bronze blind boxes, silver blind boxes, gold blind boxes, platinum blind boxes, diamond blind boxes, star blind boxes… The higher the level of the blind box, the rarer the quantity. It’s hard to find anything, it’s all fate!

5. The higher the level of the blind box, the higher the quality of the items it opens! But this item may be a High Level treasure or a High Level monster!

6. Players have the opportunity to obtain blind boxes through any behavior, such as playing games, listening to Douyin, watching TV series, searching the web, paying with mobile phones, taking photos with mobile phones, etc… ]

Chu Feng gains the SSS Level skill [Eye of Truth] at the beginning. He can see the details of the items in the blind box at a glance and take off directly!

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