Naruto: Son of Hashirama, is it normal to dominate the ninja world?

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Story of: Naruto: Son of Hashirama, is it normal to dominate the ninja world?

The son of the Ninja God Senju Hashirama who traveled through time awakened Wood Release at the beginning and obtained the copy system. It can be copied once a day. Not only can it copy any of the opponent’s abilities, but it can also copy chakra and even the physical body. Tojama: “Dad, I will definitely defeat you this time. ” Hashirama: “Then let me see if you have made progress during this time. ” Tojama: “Dad, you are cheating. You don’t follow martial ethics… ! ” Senju Hashirama knocked Senju Toma unconscious with a direct punch from the wooden figure. In the chaotic times of the Warring States Period, major families were vying for power, and the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan were constantly fighting. And as a person who never existed, Senju Toma is able to cope with various crises. If the original work is followed, he will inevitably be submerged in history and become a person who has never appeared. Senju Toma can only start to save himself. Since the enemy is not clear, he can only make himself stronger. A big fight between Senju and Uchiha? Then just let the ninja world have peace. Uchiha Madara can’t become Hokage and rebel? Then let Madara Uchiha be the Hokage. Heijue sow discord? If I can’t catch you, I can’t fool Uchiha Madara? Threat from the Otsutsuki clan? Then just let Otsutsuki turn into a coward. A threat from within? Then let you travel to space. This is the story of a young man who saves himself and eventually becomes the lord of the ninja world step by step. Remember, I am the son of the god of the ninja world, the new generation of true god in the ninja world, and the overlord of the ninja world – Senju Toma!

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