My wife is frail and sickly

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Shen Xiaolou is a madman. After escaping from the underground research institute, she was bent on revenge. After killing all her enemies, she returned to the base and blew up the research institute.

When she opened her eyes again, she became a poor little girl who was exiled to Zhuangzi by a wealthy family. She had a bad reputation and no one cared about her for 15 years. The evil slave deceived the master, and a cold wind killed the original owner. Shen Xiaolou woke up and grabbed the evil slave’s neck…

The scholar in the village next door was seriously ill, and the servants refused to call a doctor. They tied him up in the room and tortured him until he died and was buried.

Shen Xiaolou once thought that the scholar was gentle and gentle, and he was a good candidate for love.

Until one day, she bumped into him in an alley and stabbed someone in the body with a knife. Blood splattered on his face, which was extremely horrifying.

After she was stunned, her eyes were red with fear and she was speechless for a long time.

The commander of the Imperial City Division, Jiang Feng, is cold-blooded and unfeeling.

That year, he was seriously injured and hid in Xiaozhuangzi, where he met a particularly interesting girl.

When we first met, she was a sickly person, innocent and kind-hearted. She was out of breath due to coughing, but she helped him unswervingly.

Goodbye, she was weak and pitiful, deliberately abandoned by her sisters at home. While crying, she begged for help in front of his carriage.

Jiang Feng, who had not recognized his relatives, felt compassion for the first time.

Later, when he learned that she was in danger, he rushed to rescue her, but saw that the weak and sick man quickly knocked out the man who wanted to humiliate her, and even shot a hidden arrow at him.

Turning to face Jiang Feng with complicated eyes, Shen Xiaolou bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, “Sir, can you pretend you didn’t see it? ”

Jiang Feng… …

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