My Twin Sister Who Looks Exactly Like Me Is Trying To Cross The Line With Me?!


One day, all of a sudden, I started living with a beautiful girl who had some resemblance to me. She was my twin sister, a rare case of identical heterosexual twins, a rarity in the world.

They were raised in different environments, but their personalities and tastes matched perfectly. Their taste in music, books, movies, and games were almost identical. It feels like you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, whether you’re suffering from frizzy hair or are a germophobe.

The two of them, who had been alone up until now because they didn’t fit in with others, now have someone who understood them better than anyone else. They hit it off with each other right away and quickly became friends.

However, there was something a little strange about my twin sister. Apparently, she wants to cross the line with me, with me who is the spitting image of her—

A sweet everyday love comedy where a romance that no one has ever experienced with a person of the opposite s*x who looks exactly like you unfolds!

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