My Senior Brothers Are Like Tigers and Wolves!

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The senior brothers with tough bodies and strong physical strength x the beautiful girl with an exquisite face. Chu Yuan, a nymphomaniac girl, accidentally fell into the river and almost drowned in pursuit of her idol. When she tried her best to swim ashore, she had unexpectedly traveled to ancient times! Chu Yuan, who was almost r*ped by a gangster because of her scantily clad clothes, was rescued by a beautiful man passing by. Seeing that the beautiful man who rescued her was so handsome, she begged for nothing and promised to dedicate her body to him. The beautiful man had no choice but to take her back to the school. It was then that Chu Yuan opened her eyes. Although the men in Qingluan Mountain have different styles, they are all handsome, and their appearance is not inferior to that of celebrity idols. Even their master is also personable. They were so beautiful that greedy Chu Yuan did not want to leave this handsome bachelor nest. What’s more, she succeeded in working hard and learning martial arts from the master, and finally succeeded in becoming a disciple junior sister of the many handsome senior brothers. Chu Yuan was determined to take all these beautiful men into her pocket and enjoy the blessings of everyone.

From the cold and ascetic miracle doctor, the gentle but treacherous richest man in Kyoto, the overbearing and paranoid prince, or even the steely and straight young general, she didn’t want to let him go

But after she fell into their arms one by one, Chu Yuan began to collapse and regretted sleeping with her senior brothers. It was obvious that they were all like wolves and tigers, pressing her down every day and f*cking her, never giving her mercy. While she was obliviously working hard to seduce, she had actually forgot that they each practiced martial arts and had great physical strength. How could her small body bear it?! What’s even more terrifying is that when the Dongchuang incident happened, the senior brothers discovered that they were actually sharing their little junior sister with each other, so they all turned into jealous beasts. Not only did they have 3p, 4p, and 5p in turns, but they also gave her all kinds of torture tools, all of which she tasted. Chu Yuan was f*cked so hard every day that her v*gina was swollen and her legs were weak.

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