My Parents’ Multiple Identities Were Exposed After I Became a Top Celebrity

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Fu Xiaoya was a black-hearted yandere character who would hold a knife to someone’s neck with a smile and ask, “Does it hurt? Don’t worry. I’ll cut faster so it won’t hurt anymore.

And then… she was reborn.

She was reborn into the body of a fake heiress who had been taken in wrongly at birth. In reality, she was a daughter of a rural couple who lived in the countryside without even a car.

To ensure a better life for her family, Fu Xiaoya decided to enter the entertainment industry to earn money. As she was beautiful and had strong abilities, she quickly became popular and caught the attention of reporters who wanted to dig up some dirt on her.

Fu Xiaoya said, “I come from a rural background, and I joined the entertainment industry to provide a better life for my parents. ”

Then the reporters investigated and said, “Fu Xiaoya’s older brother is a top venture capitalist. ”

Fu Xiaoya was confused.

The reporters dug further and said, “Fu Xiaoya’s so-called rural parents are actually the heads of the wealthy and prestigious Fu family in the capital. ”

Fu Xiaoya was again confused.

Fans and onlookers are shocked, and they said Fu Xiaoya was pretending to be pitiful and deliberately portrayed herself as a country bumpkin…

Little did they know that Fu Xiaoya was the one most shocked by the truth!

What happened to be poor? What happened to being a rural person?

So, was she the only poor one in the end?

Fu Xiaoya’s parents: “Xiaoya, let us explain…”

Fu Xiaoya’s brother: “Sister, let me explain…”

Fu Xiaoya was speechless.

So, in the end, had she misunderstood?

Did all rich people prefer to live in the countryside nowadays?

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