My One And Only Love


There is or not someone in your life, where every glance, every smile, every sentence, every word from him are all so special.

He used to be your teacher.

He used to be your idol.

He is also held in high esteem by his colleagues.

But one day, this person’s identity is only, your man.

If you fall in love with a person, how much courage do you need to confess to him?

If he is your teacher, how much perseverance and persistence must you also have?

Xue Tong is a third year student in English Language in University A. She was caught by the ‘adorable’ and youthful teacher Mu Cheng He while looking for her cheat sheet on the floor in the exam room. Then he becomes her substitute teacher in her elective subject Russian language. Her hatred for him increases when he requires her to study with him after class.

She slowly discovers he is a very charismatic and knowledgeable teacher. Thus, gradually, from anger, revenge and hatred, Xue Tong starts to develop a crush on her teacher. But she doesn’t dare to speak out for fear of prejudice.

She graduated but the love is still hidden in theirs hearts. No one told anyone, just quietly together, helping and comforting each other.

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