My God, I am the emperor, the lord of mankind.

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Zhu Houcong traveled through time and realized that he was a Taoist emperor who had good luck in history. After reading through the books in the palace and the internal treasures, Zhu Houcong always felt that there was something wrong with this Ming Dynasty.

On Poyang Lake, Chen Youliang, who had fish scales on his back and claimed that the real dragon had come to the world, sank to the bottom of the lake together with the grotesque and terrifying puppet Han Dynasty court in the blazing flames with his huge fleet made of gold.

According to legend in history, King Xiao Ming, who was drowned by Zhu Yuanzhang, was recorded in the secret records as having a thousand eyes and a hundred hands, and 36 levels of compassion. “Maitreya came to the world” seems to be no lie.

Sai’er, a Tang Dynasty man in Shandong Province in Yongle, used witchcraft to confuse the people and gathered people to cause chaos. After his head was cut off, he survived and untied himself, leaving only the words “escaped and disappeared” in the history books.

Listening to the four cheap sisters who have been arguing in their minds since time travel, claiming to be in charge of the power of “wisdom”, “courage”, “life” and “love”, they considerately expressed that they would help Zhu Houcong get out of the crisis and embark on life. Crazy.

Zhu Houcong set out from Anlu along with the convoy that was waiting for him. Along the way, he saw refugees leaving their homes and fleeing north. The corpses of hungry people were everywhere beside the road. The dead were lying hand and foot on each other’s backs along the way.

Zhu Houcong closed his eyes silently.

“Set a small goal first. ”

he said softly.

“Crush this fucking world. ”


“Thanks to Si Shen Dad for the reward! Get two more sets of Dauntless! Tonight we will broadcast live to give the aliens a little shock! ”

Damn it! This year! Who is not the chosen one among the Four Gods!

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