My Forgiving Fiancee Is a Cold-Hearted, Merciless Angel

My Forgiving Fiancee Is a Cold-Hearted, Merciless Angel
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There was an angel sitting in front of his house.

When Koujirou Isshiki returned home from high school, he found Shiori Nanasegawa sitting in front of the house where he lived alone.

She has an exceptional figure. She has a beautiful face with long, fine sparkling hair, a slender body that makes you want to protect her, and clear skin that has been described as angelic beauty from the heavens.

However, She is an expressionless girl who doesn’t talk much, and you can’t read what’s on her mind. Still, she was extremely popular among the boys.

In less than half a year since entering high school, the number of confessions she has received is said to be in the double digits.

However, all of their confessions have been rejected by her. Thus the nickname given to her is…

‘The Cold-hearted Merciless Angel’

Her nickname comes from the fact that she calmly analyzes her opponents, breaks down their arguments, and then rejects their confessions, as well as her angelic appearance.

‘Why is the cold-hearted and merciless angel in front of my room?’

“You’re going to live in my house?”

“That’s what I said”.

“I’m going to ask you a simple question. Are you sure?”


“You’re going to live with a boy, who’s also part of your class”

“Nothing’s wrong with that- after all, you and I are married.”

This is a girl who’s cool and quiet, and as you spend more time with her, you become more and more attracted to her.

And you watch her change little by little. and the ice around her melts down.

-This is a story about such a situation.

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