My Family Really Has A Goldmine

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Looking at the beauty industry, the most popular setting for female bloggers were white rich beauties.

Before she became famous, she loved American brand Colorpop, Japanese brand Canmake, and Thai brand Mistine best.

After becoming famous, La prairie blue caviar eye cream for her left hand, CPB crystal moisturizing cream for her right.

Every day, the national brand was being blown up. After receiving the money from the owner of the brand, he said that this was by no means an advertisement.

Living in a small three-story building, the neighbors were renovating every day. She felt so sorry about the sound insulation of this expensive house.

One day, several bosses in the beauty channel of station B broadcasted a live Japanese tour.

Everyone bought no less than 100,000 yuan of Japanese top female skin care products, and told the camera that they would draw prizes to send them to fans.

She, who had always been pure and low-key, had been dubbed “The peak value of station B”

Darong Rong pointed to the luxurious gray ship on the blue sea level and said to the fans in the camera with a smile:

“I’ve already contracted the ship, and I will broadcast live seafood today.”

All the beauty makeup moguls: “…” Sister, its too much.

New post of the forum: [Rong Rong at station B! Is there a gold mine at home? ! I unilaterally declare that I am your long-lost daughter! 】


Fans learned that there was a mine in Rong Rong’s home.

On this day, at the request of fans, Rong Rong launched a live broadcast

Show you around my home.

After seeing the gilded toilet and diamond-encrusted coatroom.

“That’s it!”

Fans: [Want to see sister Rong’s bedroom! ]

Rong Rong, who had always been fond of powder, actually ignored the screen and decided to turn off the live broadcast.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened.

In the moment, the crowd was so stupid that they thought it was a trick.

The handsome and dignified man walked out of the bedroom in a suit.

Seeing her holding a mobile phone, he stood there, with a finger on his tie and frowned slightly, “Last night, I was asked not to make trouble and hurry to bed. You got up so early today to play with your cell phone?”

Fans: “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh.” There was not only a mine in Rong Rong’s family, there was a mine hidden in the mine! Big! Boss!

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