My Crown Princess Comes from the Earth


The Crown Prince of the Sodir Empire was engaged to a criminal who had been exiled.

Shingen Oreste, the Crown Prince of the Sodir Empire, graduated from the military academy with superior grades. He was a true Alpha with mighty superpowers.

In the gene pool of the Sodir Empire, there was no gene perfect enough to match Shingen’s, except for one exiled prisoner, the son of a fallen nobleman, Lian Nuo.

Lian Nuo had no superpowers and was a Beta with a low pregnancy rate. He was abandoned by his ex-lover and was exiled for committing a felony in out of his jealousy.

However, all this changed when the last surviving human on Earth transmigrated into Lian Nuo’s body…

The Noble Crown Prince x The Humble Criminal. How will they bring their love to fruition?

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