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Ruan Jinghong is a beat-up entertainment industry starlet dubbed by the netizens as “Having a face gifted by Nu Wa*, but wallowing in bad dramas.

*Nu Wa the Mother Goddess in Chinese Mythology, that created humanity and repaired the Pillar of Heaven

Because of the three-second frame of an entertainment festival, the new CP* of Ruan Jinghong and Wen Jin, the top Movie Queen, has gone viral.

*CP- Couple Pairing/Ship

Edited clips, fan fictions, comic emoticons, everything you expect.

Looking at the 5000 fans of [Wen Xiang Ruan Yu*] Super Topic**,Ruan Jinghong is very confused: I obviously never said a word to her…

*ship name which means Elegant and Gentle

**Super Topic or Chao Hua: A feature in Weibo similar to Twitter Community, where people can follow a Topic/Celeb/News/Hashtags of their interest.

Ruan Jinghong received an invitation from the popular variety show “Holiday Saturday”, and actress Wen Jin will also be there.

Little idiot Ruan Jinghong is rarely smart: The show just wants to fire up the CP, right? I’m just a basic wage earner, I don’t want to fire up the CP.

Manager Troll: Refuse the offer, basic salary will also be gone.

Ruan Jinghong bowed down for five buckets of rice, thinking: Big deal, after I’m on the show, I’ll be careful to avoid suspicion.

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #1: Keep a distance, avoid intimacy.

CP fan: Like is reckless, love is restrained. She blushed, she loves her so much!

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #2: Addressing honorifics, showing unfamiliarity.

CP fan: “Teacher Wen” what kind of ‘play’ between couples is this?

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #3: Lack of tacit understanding, performance of unfamiliarity.

CP fan:The world is different from me, my partner and I have no tacit understanding but are very affectionate, Wenxiang Ruanyu szd!

People who eat melons*: I thought they were fake melons** before, I didn’t expect them to be so good on this show.

*gossip onlookers

**fake rumor

CP: Soft sunshine and cute little idiot x Black-bellied fishing queen

Reading guide:

1. Age difference of 6 years

2. Same-s*x marriageable background

3. Double first love, 1V1, HE

4. Pure sweetness without cruelty, the two-way rush of two love brains

The cover is hand-painted by Yue, and painted by Ruan Mao Mao.

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