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Copywriter 1 Someone: What is it like to be in a relationship with someone who is a lot different in age?

Yunshu: Thank you. I met my husband on a blind date because we are eight years old apart. I think the feeling is that I’m not too young anymore, but when we have a fight, my husband sweeps me off my feet and I feel like I’m back to the way I was when I was a kid and when my parents caught me in trouble. My husband taught me three combos every day: “You dare to talk back to me, huh?” “How do you talk to your elders?” “Why are you disobedient?”. My husband often said that it is no different from raising a daughter. Of course, older people are really better at spoiling people.

Copywriter 2 Someone: What happened to those romances that are considered to be very unmatched by everyone?

Zhang Sinian: Thank you. I’m very happy at the moment. I can only say that relationships are like people drinking water, they know how warm or cold they are. I am not the perfect man in everyone’s eyes, and my wife is not all flawed. If you really love someone, even the messy little habits of the other person feel so cute.

Yunshu: A refreshing stream in the internet celebrity circle, a mudslide in the entertainment circle, a self-explanatory talk show anchor.

Zhang Sinian: He is a former professor at a prestigious university and now a newcomer to internet finance. The number one in the list of celebrities in S. He is known as Mr. Perfect.

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