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【Great scenery is the cape / sweeping over】

Lu Shengjing accidentally turned into an animal, and had a flash marriage with Sweeping.

Xi Juan said: I am an ordinary person, I like to stare at beautiful things. Do you understand the process of marriage first and then love?

Lu Shengjing said: Standing there, it is the biggest spectacle.

One month after marriage, Sweep stared at Lu Shengjing’s pretty face: “If your agreement wife asks you for a hug now, wouldn’t it be too much? ”

Mr. Lu smiled: “I was too much. ”

One month, Lu Shengjing turned into a rabbit and ran into the pile of rabbits. Mrs. Lu was in a hurry, so she squatted down in the rabbit’s nest foolishly, raised her rabbit ears and shouted, “Husband, husband. ”

In a certain month, Mr. Lu turned into a bear.

Mrs. Lu said that he was like a beast. Mr. Lu smeared honey on his mouth and danced with her in the castle: “Mrs. Lu, congratulations, you can now live in a fairy tale. ”

——But, the president always has to maintain his image, right?

Lu Shengjing used a flashlight to illuminate the smoky makeup, and Sweep was stunned: “Ah Piao! Last month you were a mermaid who couldn’t swim. ”

After trying several recovery methods to no avail, Sweep rolled out the cheat book from the street stall: “Bai Suzhen used this same book back then, let’s practice. ”

After studying the cheats, Lu Shengjing carried a pair of wings on his back and a shiny golden disc on his head:

“Juju, I need to power up my halo, please let me go. ” The charged disk is as bright as a hundred-watt headlight.

Angel Jing took off the wings: “Pfft, it’s dusty, you go and brush it for me. ”

Sweeping: Mr. Lu, it is clear that animals are more suitable for your character design.

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