Monster Editor: I can create evil gods

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Story of: Monster Editor: I can create evil gods

Su Ziyu traveled through a parallel world, where evil spirits revived and evil gods watched! Born in a family of warlocks, he not only masters the “Old Grimoire”, but also awakens the monster editor system. Using all things in the world as materials, he can edit monsters one by one and gain part of their power and skills! [Evil Eye of Fear] + [River of Eternal Darkness] + [Evil Eye without Pupils] + [Core of the Abyss] + […] = Evil Eye of the Abyss! Rumor has it that the moment He opens his eyes, the world will come to an end! Innate skill, Nirvana Gaze, everything in its path will dissipate! [Filthy Brood] + [Heart of the Black Goat] + [Nameless Mist] + […] = Queen of Filth! The powerful goddess who controls the laws of life and reproduction, the majestic mother goddess of all living things, the innate skills, the realm of desire, the mother goddess’s radiance spreads to the world, not only controls the laws of evolving life, but also has the authority to plunder life! [Nightmare Golden Toad] + [Night Demon Corpse] + [Blood of Seraphim] + [… ] = Annihilation Nightmare! It is said that the moment He awakens, the world will fall into deep sleep! The sun will no longer rise, the nights will no longer alternate, time will last forever! Innate skill, Nightmare Horn! Sound the horn of destruction and the universe will be destroyed! [Holy Blood of Demon Spirit] + [Silver Key] + [… ] = Holy Spirit of Truth, whose talents and skills go back to eternity, feed on history, and use knowledge as a spear. He is the embodiment of all knowledge and the foundation of the evolution of the laws of the universe! The headless giant, the blasphemous witch, the hundred-tailed snake fox, the tree of world dusk, the deadly enchantress… Countless monsters were born in his hands, and even the old evil gods outside the starry sky would tremble!

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