Monopolizing a Beautiful, Weak Master (Rebirth)

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In their last life, one of them was a disgraceful disciple who became a demon, and the other was a master who abandoned himself. It is said that Gu Lingxiao hated Chi Ning to death, so much that as soon as he came into power, he razed Clustering Jade Peak to the ground, beheaded all of the sect’s disciples, and captured his former master.

Chi Ning, a person as icy as the frost and snow on mountaintops, was imprisoned into the Ascension Palace by the Demon Lord, a beauty hidden in the dust, entertaining him night after night.

Unexpectedly, it was Chi Ning who shielded Gu Lingxiao in his darkest hour, risking the destruction of his very soul to save this demon.


“No matter when you turn back, you will always find I am standing by your side.”


After they were both reborn:

The eight-year-old Gu Lingxiao, climbing clumsily onto Chi Ning’s bed with his little legs: “I had a nightmare, I can’t sleep without Master.” Chi Ning, feeling distressed for his disciple: “Alright, honey.”

The ten-year-old Gu Lingxiao, undoing his cloak to wrap it around Chi Ning: “Master, your spiritual power is unstable, your phoenix’s tail is even peaking out. Why don’t we hide it with my clothes? Chi Ning, feeling comfortable swaddled by his disciple’s spiritual power: “Alright, honey.”

Gu Lingxiao, whose powers have reached perfection, pinching Chi Ning’s blade: “I won, so Master has to promise to marry me.” “Alright-…???” Chi Ning blinked his eyes and felt that something was not quite right. Obviously, he used the second chance he was given, yet somehow raised a wolf cub.

*The original book was also called “The disciple-raising project I took on after being reborn”

*”But all my disciple thinks about is courting me”

*Both are each other’s first time; happy ending; please don’t get it wrong

*Warning: logic-lacking writing style, don’t think about it too deeply; don’t like, don’t read

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