Master Hou Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall

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In a past life, Qin Ruan was deeply embroiled in family disputes and was framed to death, unable to rest in peace. Reborn, she found herself holding a pregnancy test in hand and arrived at the doorstep of the prestigious Huo family in the capital.

It was rumored that Huo San Ye, the eldest grandson of the Huo family, was decisive, cold, noble, capricious, and unfeeling. He was about to marry a illegitimate daughter found by the Qin family.

When this news broke out, the entire city was in an uproar. No one believed that an illegitimate daughter could sit securely as the mistress of the Huo family, and everyone was waiting for their divorce.

Using her supernatural abilities, Qin Ruan set up a stall under a bridge and stirred up the power dynamics of the major forces in the capital. Even the fourth-generation grandson of the Huo family crawled out of her belly.

As her true identity gradually surfaced, no one dared to underestimate her anymore. Years passed, and Qin Ruan not only did not divorce Huo San Ye, but they also publicly showed their love for each other every day, causing everyone to be jealous.

In a small play, Qin Ruan warned a famous actor, “You’re in danger of falling in love recently, and there may be bloodshed.” The actor scoffed and walked away, but that night, he came to Qin Ruan begging for help, “Miss Qin, save me!” A business magnate who heard about this became so angry that he nearly flipped her stall. However, within two days, the magnate was kneeling in front of Qin Ruan, begging her to save his life. From then on, whether it was the new elite of the business world or the aristocratic families, they all treated Qin Ruan as a distinguished guest.

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