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“The marriage contract has been destroyed, so the engagement between you and me will no longer count! ”

Reincarnated as a human being, when Shen Yi returned to her childhood sweetheart and her fiancé came to break off the engagement, she tore up the marriage contract and broke up with him.

In her previous life, she was deeply in love with Xiao Linshe, the graceful and graceful heir to Prince Chu, and she once defended him from a knife, going through life and death. She wholeheartedly longed to marry him, and there was no doubt about their love for each other.

He never thought that he had someone else in his heart, and he dismissed her as being as rigid and boring as a piece of wood, inferior to his bright and moving lover.

On their wedding night, he abandoned her and walked away, turning her into a joke in Chang’an City.

Never would I have thought that he would be so cruel and ruthless that he would frame Shenhou Mansion and collaborate with the enemy and treason, causing everyone in Shenhou Mansion to be executed.

In this life, she abandoned him and will never look back!


Xiao Linshe thought that he hated Shen Yi and only had his cinnabar mole in his heart. She agreed to break off the engagement and everyone was happy.

Until he regained his memories of his previous life, until he saw the arrogant prince holding her in his heart and pampering her…

His heart was cut by a knife and he regretted it. He owed her too much in his previous life and his sins were so heavy that he did not dare to ask for her forgiveness. He only hoped to see her from a distance.


The prince Xiao Jing has a beautiful face, noble and noble appearance, and a pair of red and phoenix eyes that seduce people’s hearts.

Because he was favored by the emperor, he had always had a perverse and unruly temperament and had a high self-esteem.

No one in Chang’an City expected that the arrogant and proud man would take the initiative to step down from the altar for Shen Yi, unable to control himself and almost going crazy.

He knelt at her feet, his eyes full of piety and admiration, and said in a hoarse voice: “Sister Ayi, I am willing to be your most loyal vicious dog. If you want to kill anyone, I will execute him in Lingchi. ”

“I just ask you to have mercy on me and kiss me. ”

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