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[Beauty and petite fairy x sullen and jealous capitalist]

[Entertainment Circle + Hidden Marriage + Sweet Pet + Double Cleanliness + 1V1]

After being married for half a year, Qin Man unexpectedly learned that Huo Yanchi had a white moonlight in her heart that she could never match. From then on, she had an ambition in her messed up life.

——Divorced Huo Yanchi.

Whoever wants to be this substitute can be her, but she is not the one!

Mr. Huo said: The ancestral motto of the Huo family is that there is no divorce, only widowhood.


As a has-been and transparent singer who is not a popular singer, Qin Man did not expect that one day she would be trending not because of her songs and albums, but because she would be photographed by paparazzi entering and leaving a high-end and luxurious villa complex, alluding to her sugar daddy.

She twitched the corner of her mouth, rolled her eyes, and posted on Weibo: “Big man, please come with @Huo Yanchi. ”

A few minutes later, a certain wealthy person forwarded it on Weibo and replied: “Yes, Mrs. Huo is welcome. ”

Netizens immediately exploded, until one day netizens dug up Huo Yanchi’s Weibo account, and his long-planned plot against Qin Man came to light.

Cranberry Memo: She is bright and charming, loves to be petty, likes to eat everything related to strawberries, she doesn’t like rainy days, doesn’t like eating coriander, doesn’t like pink, doesn’t like business, she has three major ambitions: lying flat and rotten, There is endless money to spend, and we will grow old together. I will always surrender to her and be loyal to her.

Qin Man was in a daze, the clown was actually herself.

The Bai Yueguang in his heart was her before, is her now, and will only be her in the future.

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