Marriage And Absente


She thought the man was dead.

His raven black hair, long eyelashes, sharp jawline and plump lips.

As she was treating him, Swan fell in love.

“I-I think I’m pregnant. So, uh, take me as your wife…”


All because of ‘love’. Oh to be condescending as a young girl. The man didn’t love Swan, she was only a toy of momentary interest for him.

Atlion never answered her question.


“You’re the one who said you wanted me. Didn’t you say you’ve never regretted a day that you were with me?”

“Heart is something that changes as much as we want, Your Majesty.”

It was hell.

Her words seemed to make my blood vessels harden.

I always want to see and touch her, but she won’t allow it anymore.

I’m afraid of you.

You, who don’t love me.

The story of Swan, who once loved a man with lost memories- “Atlion”. What will become of this perplexing romance?

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