Managing a Divine Beast Kindergarten in the Immortal Realm

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One day, Yun Zhao found himself transported to Yuming Mountain by his clan members to fulfill the marriage contract of the Mountain Spirit’s young master.

On their wedding night, Yun Zhao’s husband stood on the bed, wagging his tail energetically. Yun Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that his husband was actually a small dragon.

However, Yuming Mountain had depleted its spiritual energy, and Yun Zhao had no choice but to make a contract with a system that suddenly appeared. Together, they opened a divine beast kindergarten to earn spiritual energy.

Soon, when the various clans in the Lingxu Realm were ready to mock the Dragon Clan’s young master, they received advertisement letters delivered by blue birds: “Still struggling with mischievous divine beasts? Worried about picky eaters? Enroll your divine beast cubs in Yuming Mountain Divine Beast Kindergarten’s Beginner Class! We are here to solve all your worries. The first three registered divine beast cubs will receive a 50% discount!”

From that day forward…

System: Please help the host accumulate funds!

Yun Zhao pushed a small wooden cart to become the center of attention at the market. He tempted all the immortal families with fragrant and spicy grilled squid, as well as cheese sauce stir-fried spare ribs.

System: Please take care of the registered cubs!

Yun Zhao combed the fur of the meowing spirit cat and fed it fish snacks. He gave the immortal family’s black panther a thorough grooming.

Late at night, while nursing the young cubs, Yun Zhao looked up at the sky and sighed, “When others transmigrate, they become world-saving dragons. Why did it turn into a never-ending modern labor for me?”

Just as Yun Zhao was about to be overwhelmed by the fluffy creatures, the system made a ringing sound once again.

System: Please help the young master of the Dragon Clan regain his strength!

Yun Zhao fed the spiritual energy he earned to the little dragon and was suddenly pounced on by a silver-haired beauty landing on the bed.

Yun Zhao’s pupils trembled, “Seems like this won’t be easy!”

Ao Yu smirked triumphantly, “Of course, x2.”

Yun Zhao, a slow-witted, money-grubbing, soft and fluffy-loving “Mommy” (uke), and Ao Yu, a proud, reserved, powerful, and expensive young noble (seme).

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