Maitreya Emperor

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Story of: Maitreya Emperor

In order to reach the pinnacle of spiritual practice, Ci Tianxing, who asked about the sky and ascended to the upper realm, discovered that the so-called Heavenly Lord was only the starting point of spiritual practice in the upper realm. At this time, Qinglian, his and Bailian’s daughter, mysteriously disappeared after ascending to the upper world. In order to find Qinglian’s whereabouts, she was involved in a shocking conspiracy in heaven. Ci Tianxing practiced all the way, and once again competed with the greater dark forces – the Demon Emperor Lao Cao, and the core forces of the dark world of Sirius. Finally, he merged with the future holy monk Xumi, found his beloved daughter Qinglian, defeated the false emperor, and unified Xu. In the Mi Realm, the future Buddha Maitreya Buddha will ascend to the Trayastrim Heaven to support the orthodoxy of Buddhism and become the most powerful emperor. It was during this process that Ci Tianxing realized that the Sumeru Realm he was in was just a corner of the wider world, the Divine Wood Realm. In order to completely eliminate the forces of darkness, Ci Tianxing once again embarked on a journey to conquer the heavens and the world. Ci Tianxing, who ascended to the Divine Tree Realm, once again started from the lowest level of the emperor, practiced step by step, and conquered the emperors of all heavens and realms step by step, eradicating the dark forces of the Divine Tree Realm, unifying the Divine Tree Realm, and reaching the top of the Divine Tree Realm, the most powerful Heavenly Emperor. Ci Tianxing, who was standing at the pinnacle of the Divine Tree Realm, realized at this time that the so-called Divine Tree Realm was just a hair of another larger world, the Creation Realm. Ci Tianxing, who has reached the peak of the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, resolutely gave up his position of dominance in all realms and headed for a higher unknown world, because he wanted to ask the sky, what is the meaning of practice? What is the purpose of creation?

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