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Zhong Cha had nothing to do while the grass was growing, so he begged Yuanshen official to update Sumeru quickly.

It would be best to update Zhidong together, she wants to take all the executives including the doctor back to Dust Song Pot!

And then she got her wish.

But it’s not that the original god has been updated, but that she has traveled into the original god!

Moreover, as soon as he opened his eyes, he appeared beside the doctor.

The most ideal state of time travel is naturally for her to lock the doctor into the Dust Song Pot.

But the reality is that the doctor took a fancy to her physique that can use rock elements without using the eyes of God, not to mention using her as an experiment, and yelled all day long: “You are my most perfect experimental subject! ”

Zhong Cha: Thank you!

… …

She went through untold hardships and finally escaped from the doctor’s clutches.

Fortunately, it was picked up by the wandering Zhongli…

Zhong Chacha: I’m going to fight Qiuqiu people!

With a wave of Zhong Li’s hand, he put the shield on her.

Zhong Chacha: I’m going to fight fools!

Zhong Li snapped his fingers lightly and put the shield on her.

Zhong Chacha: I’m going to beat Brother Tuozi!

Zhong Li is still on the shield, on the shield, still on the shield!

Almost gave her up!


Zhong Chacha’s heart has always been in Dao’s wife, Sumeru, in Yuanshen’s future world!

She and Mandrill subdue demons and eliminate demons.

Travel around the world with Wendy.

Listen to Manyo tell ancient stories.

She followed the rumors of Kong and Ying to the future country!

But when she turned her head, that steady figure was always behind her.

Zhongli wandered around the world, and waved to her, “Go, to witness the joys and sorrows of the world. ”

PS: The content of the novel belongs to the creation of the same person, and it is different from the original work of Yuanshen.

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