Living in the interstellar, my mecha is a bit more powerful

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[Interstellar + Mecha + Strong Female + Military Academy + Group Portrait]

Shen Liang is an orphan from a remote area of ​​the Boch Federation. Like most orphans in remote areas, she attends the military academy preparatory class step by step under the arrangements of the federal government, while working and studying to support herself.

At the age of entering higher education, Shen Liang, like all preparatory class students, took the Bochi Federal Unified Entrance Examination. Her grades were not outstanding and she barely reached the admission score for Alpha Military Academy. In order to obtain scholarships and tuition exemptions, she originally planned to make a living and become a mecha soldier of the Alpha Military Academy team. Under the temptation of the bonus, she participated in the selection of the school team’s commander-in-chief and stood out in the selection.

Before the first game, she accepted an interview with the media——

“Classmate Shen Liang, do you have confidence in the strength of Alpha Military Academy? ”

Shen Liang: “The weak rely on confidence, the strong rely on strength. ”

Reporter: “Student Shen Liang, do you rely on confidence or strength? ”

Shen Liang smiled: “I rely on luck. ”

What counts as luck?

Does it count to draw a drop point with poor resources in the first game?

Shen Liang, who “relies on luck”, led the Alpha Military Academy students to advance all the way and make comebacks against the wind. She awakened an unprecedented spiritual body in the entire federation and led the Alpha Military Academy students to frequently achieve outstanding results in competitions.

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