Little Overlord and Mr. Mei


Xia Wuxin’s father is the head teacher, and it is said that she is notoriously arrogant and domineering.

One day she dreamed of being in the sky, lingering with a beauty, and removing her veil. She was shocked to discover that the other party was actually the cold, rigid teacher she hated the most.

She was suddenly awakened by the book and opened her eyes. Her husband was looking angry, Xia Wuxin’s brain twitched, and she raised her head and kissed her.
The brother panicked, the class exploded, and the husband was furious, not only punished her to kneel all day and night, but also told her father to beat her down for three days.

Since then, Xia Wuxin has a heart of revenge, following her husband every day, teasing “him”, teasing “him”, and bullying “him”.

Although Song Yubai hated Xia Wuxin, he could only tolerate it everywhere.
Until one day, Xia Wuxin bumped into Song Yubai’s chest and was puzzled for a while: “Mr. looks thin and weak, but here is very strong.”

Unexpectedly, Song Yubai slapped her with tears.
Xia Wuxin kissed her husband for the first time, and her husband scolded: “They are all men, so rebellious!”
Xia Wuxin took off the men’s clothing and kissed him for the second time, and the husband blushed: “Men and women will not kiss him or not.”
Xia Wuxin took off Mr.’s men’s clothing and kissed him for the third time. The husband cried, “It’s all women, you are absurd!”
Song Yubai was originally a princess of Heaven and loved a female Yuanjun, but was framed and demoted to the mortal world. She watched the female Yuanjun and the prince Qinse quietly and vowed not to be tempted in this life.
Unexpectedly, when she met a little bastard and flirted everywhere, she fled back to the sky. She thought she had no chance for this life, but she heard a scattered fairy soaring, golden light shining, and chaos in the six realms.
Opening the door, the soaring Sanxian was pitifully squatting on the ground: “Being a teacher for a day, and a wife for life.”

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1. he, 1v1
2. Random and arrogant little overlord vs. abstinence from Mr. Gao Lengmei

Content tags: a soft spot for a fairy tale cultivation sweet text a woman disguised as a man
Search keywords: Protagonist: Xia Wuxin, Song Yubai Supporting roles: Su Xieyue, Wei Yili, Xia Chunqiu Others:
One sentence introduction: Sir, here is very strong
Aspiration: No matter what your background, you must strive for self-improvement and struggle

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