Little Cardamom

Little Cardamom
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Husband, Xue Duan has been out of date for three months, do you not love me anymore ? TvT

On Shangyuan’s Lantern Festival , a banquet was held in the Imperial Garden. Officially, it was in the honor of the monarch and his officials, but in fact, it was to select a princess consort for His Highness the prince Dingbei.

At the banquet, Ying Ying, the daughter of Marquis Chengen, bowed down and offered a song, Clouds Over the Rivers Xiao Xiang. At the end, she softly said : “The official’s daughter has no talent ; I’ve made a display of my poor skills”

A man dressed black brocade who sat at the center coldly interrupted her “Since you know you have no talent, then don’t show yourself.”

Everyone turned silent, with no one who dared to refute. The young miss of the Ming family who was sitting at the last seat of the table took a glance from afar, only to feel that His Royal Highness King Dingbei was rude and arrogant to the extreme, really not a kind person.

Later, the bridal chamber was full of candles, the wine was exchanged, and the red candles were shining.

The young miss of the Ming family shivered when helping him undress.

The man suddenly talked, asking her to play the tune Wild Geese Come to the Sand Dune.

She pretended to be courteous and happy, but she was so nervous that she forgot to refuse, so she only tried : “Since I am not talented, then… why… why show myself?”

She raised her eyes to glance at him, but saw a pair of eyes that seemed to refrain from smiling, “You are not untalented, this prince actually thinks, my wife is very beautiful.”

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