Kick me out of the team and regret it?it’s too late

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[Ex-girlfriend regret + crematorium + white moonlight + campus love]

Bai Ye, the lucky one who was favored by the gods.

The Star Tower, which no one else had ever climbed to the top, was his starting point. It was scrambled by countless gods, but the self-reliant and self-reliant Bai Ye resolutely left the Star Tower and passed the level from top to bottom.

A few years later, Bai Ye broke through the Star Tower again for his beloved, and made himself an all-around talent because of him.

To contract all the matters of climbing the tower, the team members only need to make up a little damage.

But Bai Ye didn’t expect that in the eyes of his beloved who has been with him for several years, he is just a dispensable substitute.

In addition, most of the team members looked down on him because of his status as a commoner.

Since the clown is myself, then I will go!

However, with Bai Ye’s departure, the team that was favored by everyone was completely messed up.

Mary Jo: “A pariah… wait, why is my attack not hurting! ”

Sinai: “As soon as Bai Ye leaves, I will be the core of the team… Brother Bai Ye, save me! ”

Captain Mi Wei: “Hey? Why can’t I have such a big team! ”

Emilia: “I beg you Bai Ye, please come back! As long as you come back, I can do whatever you want… ”

The book is also known as: “How do you insects understand that I am the core of the team”, “My chic life in the Magic Academy”, “You are not worthy of pure love, and you regret it after leaving”

Key words of the novel: Kicked me out of the team and regretted it? It’s too late and there is no pop-up window. Kick me out of the team and regret it? It’s too late to download the complete works of txt, kick me out of the team and regret it? It’s too late to read the latest chapter.

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