Just broke up with the empress, stepped on the ant to upgrade

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[The world’s number one demon is actually the same person? ][The Great Demon King][The Empress’s Master][The Big Boss Behind the High Martial Arts World]

In the era of high martial arts, strange beasts are a disaster.

The wind of martial arts vocational high school can’t blow to the Starry Sky Key Taoist Academy after all.

Faced with his girlfriend’s natural talent, Su Mo, who vowed not to eat the demon girlfriend’s soft rice, just broke up.

Then… he shuttled through the heavens and became the Great Demon King of the Heavens who spread fear.

“Ding, step on an ant to death, you are upgraded”

“Ding, swing the sword 10, 000 times, you are upgraded”

“Ding, receive guidance from the master, you are upgraded”

From stepping on a small ant to upgrade, to slaughtering the mythical dragon crossing the void.

From killing a small rogue flower thief to upgrade, to slaughtering all the gods and Buddhas in the heavens and turning them into experience points.

Kill a monster to upgrade one level, kill until no one in the world dares to claim the honor!

Until killing through the heavens and all the worlds!

From the sword fairy to the human emperor, from the savior to the way of heaven!

From the Emperor of Heaven, to the Emperor of Immortals! To the Lord of the Heavens and Myriad Worlds!

It turns out that Su Mo has become so awesome without realizing it.

Looking back, he came to a small vocational high school martial arts school. The entrance exam was to destroy a strange beast? Su Mo sneered. He easily pacified the entire beast disaster! It turned out that the King of the Beasts was actually a small soldier that he missed from the monsters of the heavens he killed?

The main world is also a part of the heavens, and things are getting interesting.

The terrifying legend of the Great Demon King of the Heavens continues!

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